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            Welcome to Guangzhou Zhuoxuanjin Machinert Equipment co.Ltd official website



            Guangzhou Zhuoxuanjin Machinert Equipment co.Ltd

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            Professionally provides dynamic balance detection, correction and dynamic balance cleaning equipment for all types of high speed rotating workpieces (from 500 to 10,000 rpm)



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            YYQ-0.1DW double support micro automatic positioning and balancing machine

            Product description
            Image display
            Product parameters
            Customer site


            No need to mark the measurement, can achieve high

            precision positioning


            Automatic tracking groove technology will not cause

            positioning error due to belt slip


            WindowsEnglish measurement software, can log in 100

            specifications, a calibration call at any time


            No need to stick reflective mark, USB data export, N kinds

            of data storage, flexible location


            Touch screen display, touch - on, simple and beautiful

            Weighting/deweighting can be switched at will and is

            easy to use


            The equipment is equipped with automatic diagnosis

            function and easy maintenance


            Set many advantages in one, only to give customers the perfect dynamic balance detection, so that customers feel more at ease


            Automatic marking system (optional) can also display left

            and right positioning Angle difference


            Product Feature

            Keep Improving Pursue Perfection

            Technical Parameters

            Structure Parameter











            And the number

            Workpiece quality



            Workpiece length



            average revolution



            reduction rate(%)


            Because of professional, so trust

            Essential InformationProduct Paramete


            One year warranty for mechanical parts, one year warranty for

            electrical parts, one year warranty for electronic components

            Replacement of all kinds of idle old, old and residual dynamic balancing

            machine equipment purchased by the enterprise in the early stage,

            replacement scheme is determined according to the actual field

            investigation results;

            The prophase purchase of zhuoxuanjin dynamic balancing machine

            equipment due to idle, and there are new products need to re-purchase

            dynamic balancing machine, can consider the way of exchange


            Home delivery, free arrangements for personnel home transfer

            and training guidance;

            Professional after-sales staff 24 hours telephone video voice

            guidance sudden operation change and forget to operate and

            other problems

            Equipment lifetime maintenance, wearing parts to provide

            lasting, so that the use of equipment more assured


            The workpiece speed range is in:1000-3500 3500-8500


            Production demand: large variety quantity, small variety

                                              quantity and small variety quantity;

            Product industry, varieties, specifications, weight, shape, size;



            Feeding (adding mud, clamping, ring,welding,... )

            Cutting (cutting, drilling, milling, grinding,planing,

            scraping,... )

            Balance levels range fromG40、G16、G6.3、G2.5、G1、G0.4

            The initial measurement is qualified and the number of thick

            grooves in the outer diameter of the rotor is measured


            Member's Rights

            1、Date Of Delivery

            Normal production period is 6 working days (can be booked in advance)

            2、Payment Method

            Down payment deposit to arrange production

            3、Quality Criterion

            1.Product manufacturing standardGB4201-2006/ISO2953:1999
            2.The product manufacturing requirements shall be strictly in accordance

            with the technical requirements determined by both parties

            4、Guarantee Period

            The "three guarantees" period of party b's products shall be one year, and

            after-sales service shall still be provided one year later.

            5、Product Acceptance

            1.Check and accept the equipment in the supplier's workshop. Check and verify

            the rotor test.
            2.The equipment shall be inspected and accepted by the user on site. The inspection

            shall be carried out in accordance with the technologies determined by both parties

            in the early stage, and the basic operation training shall be completed.


            6、After-Sales Service

            1.The supplier is responsible for providing training services for the equipment ordered bythe

            purchaser, such as operation balance calculation and troubleshooting.
            2.In case of equipment failure, the company will support the response in the fastest way

            receiving the notification from the user.The arrival time shall not exceed 48 hours, andthe

            maintenance work shall be carried out (after that. If the equipment is in the period of three

            guarantees, only the transportation fee for the personnel shall be charged, and the travel

            expense for the personnel shall be charged, and the cost fee for the replacement of the

            accessories shall be charged).
            3.The company is responsible for the maintenance of equipment after three packages

            andprovide spare parts supply services.

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